As we celebrate Atrium’s 25th year in business, we honor our employees who helped shape the ideals we continue to embrace today. We are committed to people; the value they bring to the workforce and the dynamic communities we are developing together. This commemoration is not simply a celebration of our founding principles, it is an opportunity to further our vision as we empower the next twenty-five years of valuing people and their potential.

Monthly Calendar 2020


As we look forward to September 2020 and the commemoration of Atrium’s 25th year in business, we’re excited to share an overview of the highlights and events taking place in the coming months. We encourage the participation and support of the #AtriumExperience from all of our audiences! 

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Molly B


My name is Molly and I was introduced to Atrium in September of 2015 when a friend recommended I reach out for help with my search for a temporary role. I had just received my undergraduate degree and moved to New York City from Boston without a job. I knew I would need to land a job quickly to start paying bills! However, with a degree in Human Services, no intention of returning to school to get my Masters (MSW) and no desire to pursue a career as a Social Worker, a temp job felt like the best place for me to begin refining my professional aspirations.

After meeting with a recruiter at Atrium, I found myself interested in her position. I always had a knack for working with people. With experience in retail and a degree in Human Services, my soft skills seemed like a natural fit for a career in HR. We agreed this path could be a great match for me. It wasn’t long before I was placed into a Recruiting Coordinator position. My Atrium ambassador convinced me that it was an opportunity to learn and grow into the recruitment role I ultimately wanted – and she was right!

When I first started, I was providing support to various teams within the business, as well as external clients (new hires). Having strong organizational skills along with a great attention to detail proved extremely helpful. We dealt with high volumes, so being thorough and accurate was crucial for success in my role. My optimistic attitude and ability to be pragmatic grew confidence from my team in uncertain and stressful scenarios, while being adaptable was key to navigating frequent changes within the company and processes.

Having just begun my career, I was grateful to have mentors and advisors both inside and outside of. These key figures coached me through learning new systems, communication styles and the best ways to approach challenging conversations. They offered me career guidance and helped me grow my network. Beyond professional relationships, I’ve also developed friendships. Sometimes the friendly advice to “take it day-by-day” was just as meaningful as the skills I was learning! I especially value those who have been there to help regulate stress and simply offer words of encouragement on days that were tough.

As time went on, confidence in my communication skills and creative problem-solving capabilities grew. Faced with a need to manage increased volume, deliverables and priorities – these skills flourished. Training new coworkers and teaching best practices to those with whom I worked closely furthered my knowledge transferring capabilities. I was working in a matrix environment. The cross-functionality of the role allowed me to better learn the business and gain an understanding of where I could contribute to process improvements. My creative thinking and resourcefulness earned me a reputation as someone the team could rely on for solutions with positive results.

After 2 years in my contracted Recruitment Coordinator role, a full-time opportunity on the Recruitment Coordination team became available. Ultimately, I was offered a full-time role on the team! As a tenured Recruitment Coordinator, I was given the opportunity to train and mentor new coordinators, as well as the University Recruiting team. Through that work, I also assisted University Recruitment and updated Talent Acquisition processes for better alignment. I helped create more efficiency and optimize compliance. Growing my experience and continuing to develop my skillset allowed me to advance into my current position as a Senior Associate.

Working together with intelligent, thoughtful people and contributing to work that benefits society is meaningful to me. As I look back on how my journey began – a recent Boston transplant who took a chance on a temp job in New York City – I’m grateful to both Atrium and for opening doors that ultimately shaped the last 5+ years of my career. I am excited for future opportunities that will allow me to continue to evolve and grow. My goal is to remain open, engaged, and to learn through each opportunity that I am presented with.



We’ll be adding new highlights each month as we move closer to the big day in September!