Jun 12

Atrium Stands for Equality: A Message from Our Founder and CEO

Dear Atrium Community,

Recent events have impelled us to reaffirm our commitment to achieving inclusivity for all. We believe in black lives, racial equality and social justice. We stand behind our founding principles of being Applicant-Centric™ and dedication to doing right by people who are treated unfairly. Listening, valuing and respecting are the very roots of our core value system. We stand united against racism and oppose all forms of inequality.

As leaders of the modern workforce, it’s our responsibility to exemplify the inclusive ideals and transparent leadership which we hold in highest esteem. We are honored to champion diversity in collaboration with our partners, and we are committed to doing our part to further progress. As such, I am joining forces with the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion to be a greater resource to each of you.

Our vision is that together we can create a constant current of positive experiences—not just within our workplace but throughout our communities.

Together we are strong and undivided,

Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal

Founder & CEO