We’re in the business of people and it starts within our own walls. Every job seeker we place and every problem we solve for our clients is made that much more rewarding by the motivated, bright, engaging people that make up our staffing agency. EXPLORE ATRIUM CAREERS


We’re hand-picked industry insiders with a unique perspective because we’ve worked in the types of roles we now recruit for. The vast majority of our staff have come to Atrium as referrals of other employees, which speaks to the excitement and passion we have for what we do, and more importantly, where we do it. The culture at Atrium is vibrant and exemplifies the “work hard, play hard” motto.

Employee Perks (Because who doesn't love a little something extra)
Annual Company Trip
stocked kitchens
Dog Friendly
Wellness Program


Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you give”? At Atrium, we want to make sure that we are giving our best with the goal of retaining socially responsible staff and attracting community-minded employees of the future. Our recruitment firm’s partnerships and sustainability initiatives are an integration of our organizational culture, the needs of our community and the interests of our employees.


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