organize your office

Being in the office during the summer slowdown is a gift. Longer days and more sunshine enhance your mood and you feel like time is on your side. And it is. Take advantage of this vibe by taking time to organize your office and focus on your surroundings. The connection between a cluttered physical space and your mental clarity has been heavily documented. But your office isn’t limited to the physical space in which you work. I’m also referring to the office that’s in your mind!

Here are 5 ways to better organize your mental and physical office space:

1. Declutter and Disinfect:

When your physical space is cluttered it’s hard to work efficiently. Not only that, but the physical mess can impact your mood, causing a mental mess as well. When organizing your office this summer, make sure you have a place for everything and that everything has a place. If it doesn’t have a place, ask yourself if you truly need to keep it? Have only what you need on your desk. Have 10 pens? Keep 2 on your desk and store the others for later use. Start cleaning up your desk at the end of every day and disinfecting your desk surface and keyboard once a week!

2. Purge all Paper:

In the digital world we live in, most things are stored electronically. But paper is still necessary and often we feel the need to hold on to it. I’m sure you have a secret drawer (or drawers) where papers go to die. If things need to be shredded and you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, it’s worth taking them to staples and paying a fee to have them take it off your hands. Whatever you need to keep, scan it and keep a digital copy. Whatever you don’t need, free yourself and let them go…in the trash!

2. Hit Delete:

As of now I have 11,387 emails in my inbox. Yup that’s right. Some are important. Some are unread and I have no intention of opening them because they are sales emails for products and services that don’t suit our business. Nothing offers a fresh start like a newly cleaned out inbox. Hit delete and don’t look back. I dare you. Not all your emails of course, but you know what’s important. Start organizing them into folders if you need to keep them and get rid of what you know you don’t need. Mental clutter can come from electronic overload as well! Another hint, unsubscribe from any newsletter, or retailer email list that truly doesn’t bring you value.

3. High Level Project Planning:

Summer is also a great time to organize the plans you want to put in motion for the remainder of the year. While they may be jumbled in your mind, take advantage of the down time to engage in some high-fidelity project planning. There’s no need to commit to dates or set deadlines just yet. Give yourself the breathing room to be forward thinking and prioritize the projects you’d like to work on over the next few months. Doing this will help recalibrate your mental energy so you can determine what truly needs your attention. Out of ideas? Work on your personal development plan to figure it out.

4. Clear Your Schedule:

Have you overbooked yourself? Are you using multiple calendars to organize your work and personal life? Finding the best calendar system for you and your specific needs and preferences can be challenging. Explore your options, but give yourself one place where you have access to all of your obligations. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll work so much more efficiently when you do!

5. Get to Know Your Co-Workers:

Finally, don’t overlook one of the most integral parts of your work…the people you work with. During the summer slowdown, it can be just as important to organize your relationships with your co-workers as it is to organize your office. If your company hasn’t planned a summer outing, make it a point to get some out-of-office time with the colleagues you work closely with, as well as some you don’t. These relationships are essential to your happiness. Cultivating them is extremely beneficial to both your work and your mental well being.