Video Resume

What is a video resume?

A digital introduction to potential employers that supplements the traditional resume, highlighting your skills and personality.

Why are video resumes important to you?

According to a recent poll, only 17% of employers have viewed a video resume to date, however 89% said they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. This shows that while video resumes are progressive, employers do consider them valuable and are eager to engage with this contemporary application approach.

If you haven’t already thought about the volume of paper resumes that cross a hiring manager’s desk, we can assure you, it’s a lot. With so many repetitive pages to sift through, there’s no denying how often a quality candidate may get lost in the mix. Ask yourself, what stands out more: your resume header font (best and worst resume fonts) or a real-life version of you showcasing your confident demeanor?

I’m not suggesting you should throw your standard resume in the trash, but it is important to acknowledge that in today’s changing landscape, video is the preferred way, for many, to consume content.

Check out this video resume sample from an Atrium job seeker:

Here’s how video resumes can benefit you:

The unique factor

Video resumes are still a relatively novel concept. As I mentioned earlier, most hiring managers have yet to come across one. By recording a video resume today, you have the opportunity to get ahead and stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

You’re in control

Think of a video resume as a pre-recorded interview. In this “first interview” you have the ability to control the quality of your answers to the most common interview questions. You also don’t have to worry about any curveballs being thrown your way since you won’t be required to answer any unexpected questions on the spot.

Expedite the interview process

At some point in the interview process your potential employer is going to want to put a face to a name. The best case scenario as a result of recording a video resume would be eliminating steps in the interview process. Since a hiring manager gets such a personal introduction through a video resume, they may not need to waste any time bringing you in.

Let your personality shine

For many candidates who lack extensive work history or feel that their experience is underwhelming on paper, you now have a platform to let your personality shine through. Many entrepreneurs and executives believe that effective communication might be the single most important skill an employee can possess. Think of your video resume as an opportunity to convey about your communication abilities what your resume can’t.

Here are a few more stats, if you need more convincing: