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year of no

Here’s the deal. Change is hard. And when that change comes in the form of deprivation, it’s even more overwhelming. But imagine how being able to maintain that change for a few weeks, months or even an entire year would make you feel. Are you prepared to take on the year of no challenge?

What’s one thing you really want to commit to in your life? I say ‘commit to’ rather than ‘change’ because the necessity of change isn’t a requirement for you to want to take action. You may not need to cut meat out of your diet, but want to challenge yourself to a month or even a year without it. Whatever your challenge is, whatever you want to commit to, just go for it. Find a buddy if you need to. The year of no is an exercise in determination above all else. It reaffirms our self-confidence and that we’re capable of overcoming challenges, big challenges. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

Here are three year of no challenges to consider in 2018:

1. Year of no sugar
Have you ever tried to cut out sugar, even for just a week? Not an easy thing to commit to, especially when you consider that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Author Eve O. Schaub was inspired to challenge herself to cut sugar out of her family’s diet for a full year after watching a YouTube video by Dr. Lustig called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. She turned the experience into a popular book aptly titled Year of No Sugar. Whatever your fitness and health goals are, committing to no sugar for any amount of time is a good place to start.

2. Year of no clutter
As if a year of no sugar wasn’t enough, O. Schaub decided to take on another challenge, the clutter in her life. She gave herself a timeline of one year to tackle the things that had accumulated in her house. Like many of us struggling to keep clutter at a manageable level, she was finally committed to purging her home of unnecessary possessions. Will this be the year you get rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter and find a suitable place for what you can’t bear to part with?

3. Year of no spending
Many people decide to curb their spending to attain a financial goal. But some people reduce spending not due to financial necessity, but out of a desire to cut back. No spend years have proven to help people find deeper meaning in their lives. Shopping for many is a diversion of sorts. Sure, it passes the time and it feels good. But it also feeds into patterns of behavior that keep us looking to material things to make us happy. People that have embarked on a year of no spending have come away with a deeper connection to themselves and a greater understanding and appreciation for what makes them truly happy.

Not sure if you’re ready for a year long challenge? The length of time here, while impressive, isn’t important. What is important is your commitment to your goal. Whether it’s a week, a month or longer, seeing that commitment through will make you mentally stronger. So, what will you commit to today?