Appreciated at Work

Many times in a working relationship, you and your boss may not share the same language of appreciation. Maybe your boss is from Mars and you’re from Venus and his or her way of showing appreciation does not resonate or register with you.

If the statement above is true, you’re not alone, this is the case for many people. If you need a little help decoding, here are 4 ways to tell that you’re appreciated at work:

Your suggestions are implemented

Ok, not all the time but some of the time, or at least once in a while. Either way, being comfortable offering your opinion is a positive sign and seeing your ideas in action is added affirmation. Anyone who doesn’t feel valued probably isn’t comfortable speaking up, because in their mind, their suggestions will be met with a “no.”

You’re given more responsibility

Additions to your workload might be met with dread and/or resistance, but dependent on the task, this could be a sign that you are trusted and respected. Your boss might think you’re able to take on additional responsibilities because you’re a great multi-tasker in need of more challenging work.

You get recognition… for things that aren’t obvious

Doing your job on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to get lost in your work. You forget that all of the smaller tasks you complete are part of the bigger picture and (hopefully) contribute to the greater good of the business. Getting an unexpected shout-out in a newsletter or meeting is a great sign that your work is being noticed, and appreciated!

The right people give you face time

Time is money. If the CEO, COO or another top executive has an open door for you, that is worth more than gold. They think highly enough of you to give you what they usually have so little of… time.

If you’ve reviewed this list and can refer back to instances you might have overlooked, breathe easy. If you’ve checked each one of these off but still feel unsettled, you may want to have an open discussion with your boss. Letting him or her know what you find motivating and rewarding can be helpful. Remember it’s their job to motivate their employees. They actually might appreciate your feedback and be motivated by it themselves!