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If you’re in the market for a new job, or your New Year’s resolution was to finally move on and start job hunting again, then let’s make 2024 your year. To prevent you from getting stuck in the same cycle of blindly searching for jobs and always somehow coming up short, we’ve compiled a list of what we suggest you do in 2024 to find your perfect fit.  

Career Fairs  

Career fairs are an effective way to start your job-hunting process. They give you a chance to meet recruiters and hiring managers in person, which can create a more engaging connection between you and the company that you wouldn’t necessarily get from sifting through job postings online. You also may come across companies at a career fair that you hadn’t heard of or thought to apply to, making it a great chance to branch out and explore new opportunities. Even if you can’t find a job opening that suits your needs, making connections at the company can be beneficial if a job becomes available. 

If you’re planning to attend a career fair, we suggest you check out our guide, which outlines the necessary steps you need to take to prepare for both in-person and virtual career fairs. By doing so, you’ll be able to make the most of this experience. 


LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for job seekers as it provides a platform for networking and finding job openings. It allows you to easily find companies and job listings of interest and provides an opportunity to directly communicate and connect with people to grow your network. 

One of the best ways to optimize your experience on LinkedIn is by connecting with individuals at the company who work in departments or positions that you are interested in. You can start by simply asking for advice on how they got to where they are now, as your main objective should be to establish a connection and put your name out there in the company. 

If you’d like to work on growing your LinkedIn platform and discover how you can make the most of your account, check out our top 5 ways to network on LinkedIn.  

Artificial Intelligence  

Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced. It’s important to keep up with it and make the most of its benefits. ChatGPT is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that can assist you with finding job openings, researching companies, practicing job interview questions, and even providing you with a resume and cover letter template that is tailored to the job you’re applying for. Keep in mind that while ChatGPT can be a helpful resource, it can’t provide the personal experience or emotion that you need to convey in your job application. However, it can help you find and prepare for your ideal job. 

If you’re looking for job search tools to help you navigate the process, check out these eight advanced tools. 

Staffing Firms  

Consider utilizing a staffing firm such as Atrium to assist you in your job search. Staffing agencies have access to a vast array of job openings that you may not have considered or been able to find elsewhere, and their expertise lies in matching individuals to the right job. Atrium also provides Career Coaching services where you can work one-on-one with our experts to curate the perfect resume or prepare yourself for job interviews. A staffing agency’s job is to get you a job, so utilize this resource when you can.  

2024 is Your Year 

The job-hunting process can be overwhelming, but with the right approach, you can make it a success. Start by building connections, making yourself known, and preparing for applications and interviews. Make 2024 the year for finding your ideal job!