Woman Celebrating Success

Do you have a set idea of where you need to be in your career? Are you measuring your success by your bank account, salary or title? It’s a tough pill to swallow if you’re not measuring up to the standards you’ve set for yourself.

It’s especially difficult when those things you’re using to benchmark your success keep shifting. Salaries could always be higher, bank accounts bigger and so on. So why not focus on a different metric to define your success? One that you can be in control of. Ultimately, you need to change your definition of success and according to a LinkedIn study, it seems Americans are doing just that.

Are you happy with your work? If so, consider yourself successful and try making that the standard by which you judge yourself. According to the study, only 4% of Americans now equate having a corner office with having achieved success. 60% currently define it as loving what they do.

While the road to finding your purpose or the career you love isn’t always a direct journey, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid to be sure you’re traveling in the right direction.

When you rely on external factors for your career happiness, you’ll never be fulfilled. The short-lived high you get from a raise, recognition, titles and pay won’t last long enough to offer sustained happiness. At best, you’ll feel good for a while, but once it wears off, you’ll be in a slump until the next reward comes along to prove to yourself that you’re a success.

Instead, look inward. What makes you happy? Where do you give the most value and get pleasure in return for the work you actually perform? This is where the foundation of your passion and your success lies.

Finding the right career for you or a job you love can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Try these three things to get you started.