Interview Homework

Doing your homework before an interview is imperative for a successful and smooth meeting. There are many factors involved during an interview, thus the process starts far before you sit down, and even after you leave the interview room. When I administer interview prep with my candidates, I make sure to stress the importance of actions to take both before and after the actual interview.

Make sure you are fully prepared with these three pre and post interview tricks:

1. Homework, Homework, Homework

Set yourself up for a successful interview by doing the work upfront. Performing in-depth research on the company website is essential. Pay special visits to the “About”, “News/PR,” and “Team” tabs. Look for the company’s birth story and past and future trends. Research who is interviewing you – check out their LinkedIn pages and industry organizations. This homework will provide you with not only talking points for your conversation in your interview, but also the information needed to ask educated, relevant questions.

2. Make Sure You Have All The Day-of Details

If you are putting time and effort into preparing for your interview, you better know where and when it is:

Location: Address? Suite number? Are their special directions in regards to the security desk check-in or parking? What time? Appropriate attire? Certain items to bring? Knowing all the logistics prior will eliminate last minute hiccups and distractions. Walking in on time, dressed to impress, with the correct documentation is only going to calm your nerves and boost your confidence! Not to mention it shows off your attention to detail and ability to take direction.

3. Follow Up Communication Is Key.

Ask for business cards upon your departure. This will make it easy to send a thank you email (and during a final round – hand written notes). Why should you do this? It’s important to leave a positive impression with your desired employer. People like to be appreciated, so taking a few minutes to express gratitude and excitement about the opportunity at hand is key. Not to mention, this note can provide you with one last chance to express anything you wished you would have brought up during the interview.

Interviews can be nerve racking and dense, but doing your research and homework beforehand will set you up with a strong base. Following up with your interviewers shows not only politeness and professionalism, but also your ability to follow through. If you follow these easy to remember tips, you’ll surely be a stand out candidate for the job!