Getting the Job

80% of new hires today are getting the job by networking. So what’s keeping you from getting the job you want?

If you’re apprehensive about networking or think that submitting your resume is enough, think again. You need to be in control of your search. The only way to do that is to go after the job you want. To be clear, that means you have to network your way past the job posting.

When you see a position you’re interested in, take a moment to do one (or all three) of the things below to help get your profile noticed. You’re likely to fall into at least one of the  categories, so follow the advice and start getting the job!

1.When You’re a Solid Match for the Job Posting.

When a job is posted on LinkedIn, don’t just submit yourself and leave the rest to chance. There are various avenues you need to explore. If the job poster is visible, reach out and try to open a conversation with them directly. LinkedIn will also show you if someone in your network can offer an introduction to someone who works at the organization. Additionally, any alumni from your college or university who work for the company will also be shown. Research these connections and start reaching out! Not sure what to say or how to write a response-worthy introduction? We can help.

2. When You’re in Transition.

Transitions are tricky. It can be challenging to get your resume noticed when you’re not an ideal match on paper. Look to connect with people in the department you want to work for. Ask them for insight as to whether or not your background is a good fit.  Start by acknowledging that you’ve been working towards a transition, but also realize that your resume doesn’t quite match the job description. You’re more likely to get a response if you show you’re asking for advice as opposed to trying to build a case for yourself. If you and the person you connect with end up meeting and you impress them, your resume might just get passed on to the hiring manager.  But gaining whatever information you can will be invaluable to you. One way or another, you’ll be one step closer to your transition.

3. When No Job is Posted.

The luckiest break of all is when you network your way to a job that’s not even open yet! No, it’s not going to happen often, but it does happen. Through networking, your contacts may share with you that a job could be on the horizon. It’s also possible that through your conversations, your new connections consider how you might be able to make an impact on their team or within a neighboring department. The only way to find out is to keep connecting and broadening your professional network. Don’t get discouraged. It just takes one person to get you set up on the right path. Not everyone will respond, but you don’t need everyone to.