Positively Quarantine Yourself

Because of the highly-contagious Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are in a stage of social distancing. It’s not ideal by any means. But, protecting your well-being and that of others is more important than ever. Choosing to see the brighter side can keep you in a better head-space. While it can be challenging to find the “silver lining” in all of this, there is still much to appreciate. Many of us have access to the Internet, cable television, food and water. Your employer may have even granted your workforce a more flexible schedule or permission to work from home to safeguard your wellness. Instead of worrying, think of ways to channel your energy positively. Rather than reading or watching gloomy news stories, spend your time being productive. To positively quarantine yourself amidst growing COVID-19 concerns, ask yourself these three questions.

Could I be more productive?

“I don’t have time” can no longer be an excuse. With the COVID-19 virus leading to the closing of restaurants, bars, and parks as well as mandated curfews, most of our calendars are looking emptier than usual. This means there’s room for more productivity within the coming weeks. Whether teaching yourself how to cook that exotic meal you had on your last vacation, deep-cleaning your apartment, or starting that lifestyle blog, there are tons of online resources to help you get started. It’s important to prioritize your wants along with your needs. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn or a skill that you’ve been neglecting that could use some sharpening, it’s time to invest in your development. When you positively quarantine yourself, you can accomplish your goals both big and small.

How do I stay active?

You likely are one of many who went from working in an office environment to working within the comfort of your home. If so, it’s important to maintain your normal regiment as much as possible. If you usually wake up at 7:00 a.m. to arrive to work by 8:30 a.m., continue that wake-up schedule. Use your mornings to energize your mind and body with exercise. As they say, “No gym, no problem!” With applications like Nike Training Club, Aptiv, Asana Rebel, as well as YouTube videos, there’s really no excuse. On top of that, more and more “how to” hashtags are trending on social media. That includes numerous fitness trainers are posting “at-home” workout videos as the effort to social distance grows. Check out #nogymnoproblem or #athomeworkouts the next time you find yourself scrolling. In addition to looking for digital guidance, you can also take the old school route and step outside. As long as you are keeping a safe distance from others, fresh air will do your mind and body well!

What can I do to be social?

We are experiencing a sensitive time. We could all use some catching-up and fun conversations to distract us. If you don’t already use video chat platforms like FaceTime or WhatsApp, now is the time to give them a try. Check-in with your family and friends. Whether they’re across the country or across the ocean, there are many ways you can stay connected. Virtual or not, seeing those we care for is a guaranteed way to lift the spirits. Thanks to free technologies like Zoom Rooms, you can even connect with those co-workers you are actually starting to miss. Keep your lunch break social by connecting virtually or over the phone with your family, friends or team. We are living in the digital age. You don’t even have to miss your favorite happy hour!

To positively quarantine yourself, patience and kindness are key. Look for the good in every situation. Find ways to be helpful to yourself and others. And remember, be productive, be active and be social! We are all in this together.