Stay Cool During Job Search

How to avoid application burnout and remain calm, cool and collected during your job search:

Set goals and stick to the schedule

We all have a lot going on during the summer. With weekends booked, vacations planned and gorgeous weather, it can be a distracting time for anyone. And if you’re already far along in your search, pretty much anything will be more appealing to you than submitting another application. The best way stay on track and guarantee you’re still giving your search the attention it needs is to stick to an application schedule. Pick designated days and times when you can commit to applying and finally start utilizing that iCal. Set a goal for an amount of time you will dedicate to job searching daily or weekly, rather than a specific threshold of applications to submit, otherwise you will find yourself applying to jobs that are not a good fit!

Pep talks AKA TED Talks

One of the most important (and challenging) things to do during your job search is to remain upbeat and confident. Searching can bring about unnecessary stress so you may need some reassurance along the way. If you make an effort to stay inspired during your search, it will boost your motivation. has a ton of content that is sure to resonate with even the most jaded job seeker. Need some last minute advice on how to keep your cool right before heading into an interview? Check out Daniel Levitin’s talk on “How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed.”

Search your network… again

You should constantly be finding ways to expand your current network and never be afraid to ask for help. Think of your professional contacts as an additional “job board” and search for jobs through them. Up to 80% of jobs are filled by way of a referral. You should try networking on those nights out because you never know where one conversation could lead. It also takes a bit of the burden off you if someone else is putting in the effort to pass along your resume!

Don’t take things too personally

Remember you’re not alone and you’re not the only person to ever be denied from a position.

Just because you didn’t land an interview or get a follow-up phone call doesn’t mean it’s because you’re not a great candidate. The only real requirement for any position is that you truly are the perfect fit, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. With that being said – DO NOT internalize being rejected for a position or obsess over what you could have done differently. Move on and focus on what’s ahead.

Don’t forget about you

If you have some extra time on your hands while job hunting, try and focus on yourself and your well-being. When creating your schedule, be sure to also put aside some time where you can do something that you truly enjoy. This “you” time will encourage balance and help you keep everything in perspective.