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new years resolution

It’s coming – January 1st, the day that many will commit to New Year’s resolutions they pushed off the prior year. You may (or may not) be surprised that a popular New Year’s resolution is finding a new job. A survey by TopResume found that 65% of professionals say that getting a new job is amongst their top resolutions. However, less than half know how they’ll accomplish their goal. 

We’ve compiled the top 5 steps to make your New Year’s resolution to job search successful. Start acting now, the beginning of the year is one of the best to find a new job! 

1. Refresh Your Resume 

When was the last time you looked over your resume? If the answer is when you applied for your current job, you’ve probably gained valuable new skills and experiences since then. In addition, you may have new references from your current company that would be beneficial to include. If you’re looking to spruce up your skills even further, see what employers in your field are looking for and find online certification courses. Professional development shows employers you are open to learn and grow. 

2. Update Your LinkedIn Profile 

Just like your resume, it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and active 

In addition to keeping the information on your profile current, it’s a good idea to do the same with your profile picture. LinkedIn states that your profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed if you have a LinkedIn profile picture.  Before an employer or connection even meets you, your profile picture is their first impression. They are looking at it before reading your headline, about section, or resume and already are subconsciously drawn conclusions. A professional, high quality and current photo is worth the investment to attract the right people. 

3. Grow Your Network 

Keeping a solid, growing network can give you a leg up in your job search. There are a variety of opportunities to meet and connect with new people; social media, LinkedIn groups, connections of your connections, career fairs (virtual or in-person), or professional meet-up groups.

Create a list of specific companies you’d love to work at and connect with recruiters and hiring managers employed with them. Actively building networks helps to keep you top of mind for referrals when opportunities arise that you may have not had access to otherwise. 

4. Practice Interview Skills 

Practicing what to say in your interview will not only give you a chance of a better conversation with the employer, but it will also boost your confidence and you may be less nervous. Make sure to educate yourself on the company and culture.

Remember, you are not the only one being interviewed; you are also interviewing them. Make sure you come prepared with questions for the employer that align with what you are looking for at your next company. You can take your new years resolution a step further and practice with someone – whether it’s a friend or an interview coach! 

5. Follow Up 

Always follow up with employers and hiring managers if you haven’t received a response on an application or interview feedback. Wait about 1-2 weeks after applying to ensure it was received and see if the employer has any questions. A similar timeframe with an interview, check in to see where they are in their interview process and if they had any other questions for you. 

Career goals take time to accomplish, so do not get discouraged in your job search! Having a plan and taking these proactive steps will help you achieve this New Year’s resolution faster! 

Nicole Garza
Nicole Garza

Nicole Garza is Atrium's Recruitment Marketing Manager. As a result of her 10+ years of experience, she has a constant pulse on the latest hiring trends and candidate attraction strategies.