As we face new challenges during the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVD-19), my heart and thoughts are with all who have been impacted. My team and I are here for you to support your new and continuing needs.

The ability to transform is something I have always valued – both in my personal life and my role of Chief Executive Officer at Atrium. As we face these challenging times together, know that we are adapting to the market and prepared to transform alongside our partners.

We are equipped to meet the needs of our changing workforce. With a secure, digital infrastructure supporting business operations remotely, our experts are conducting video interviews, hiring, processing weekly payroll and performing daily tasks safely, assuredly and without disruption. We continue to develop talent and offer solutions virtually and are creatively problem solving to identify new opportunities and meet new demands.

The future of work is here, and we’re thinking ahead for you. Lean on us to guide informed decisions and navigate your evolving needs. Understanding your unique challenges helps us be a better partner to you, so we encourage you to keep the communication lines open.

The safety and well-being of our community is our priority. We are committed to providing valuable information and COVID-19 Resources to help employers make multifaceted business decisions for their workforce and to keep talent flourishing during these unprecedented times.

We’re social distancing, but we want to stay connected. Engage with us on social media @Atrium and through our free webinar series. If you’d like to stay informed with our weekly market, legal and resources updates, you can register to receive our newsletters through any of our forms. If you or your business would like to recommend or contribute additional content, we’d love for you to connect with us by emailing communications@atriumstaff.com.

Through the ups, downs and unknowns, Atrium is and will always be a steadfast partner to you.


Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal
Atrium founder-CEO

Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal
Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal

As the founder of Atrium, Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal continues to strengthen the human value in work culture. Since initially disrupting the staffing industry in 1995, Atrium has evolved into a complete talent solutions company, sustaining its entrepreneurial edge through innovative workforce design, strategic program management, process development and HR technology.

True to her founding principles, Rebecca remains committed to a people-focused philosophy. She understands the importance of collaborative partnerships and has made listening, valuing and respecting the core values of her organization. Being a woman-owned business opens doors for Atrium, but consistently delivering excellence is what sets the company apart.