recruiting myths

“Recruiters just want my money”

Bottom line: If you come across a recruitment agency that is asking you, as the job seeker, to pay a fee upfront – run the other way! Companies that engage a staffing firm to help with their hiring initiatives are responsible for paying for this service. This means that we, along with many other firms, are able to provide services free of charge to job seekers like you. It is true that your recruiter gets paid if they are able to find you a job, but the recruiter is actually being paid to perform a service and usually they are not being paid by the candidate!

“My recruiter isn’t an expert in my field”

People tend to assume that recruiters have little-to-no work experience in the job function they are recruiting for. You may actually be surprised at how many industry professionals leave their traditional role to recruit other professionals in their former field. In fact, over 70% of Atrium’s recruiters have worked in the field for which they now recruit! Even without this hands-on experience, a seasoned fashion recruiter can normally spot a stellar portfolio faster than a designer. Be sure to look for an agency who breaks up their staff into specialty teams. If your recruiter is talking to Accountants one day and Graphic Designers the next, they might not be the expert you need as your job search partner.

“Once a temp, always a temp”

Temp jobs often get a bad rap. Let’s try looking at temporary jobs from a different perspective. Instead of thinking about temp work as inconsistent and unstable, think of the possible opportunities you could uncover by getting your foot in the door in a new industry. According to the American Staffing Association, 72% of temporary workers find a full-time job through an agency in less than a year. Temporary work offers flexibility, helps build your resume, keeps your skills sharp and often has the potential to turn into permanent employment. Tell your recruiter if you would consider exploring temporary work. You might find yourself earning a paycheck while your recruiter continues to hunt for something full-time.

“I’ll never hear from my recruiter again”

Working with a staffing agency will not guarantee you a job, remember – a great recruiter tries to find the right person for the right job. A candidate has to have the required work experience or schooling AND be a cultural fit at the hiring company and this perfect match takes time. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a job right away. Be clear and direct when asking your recruiter about follow up timelines and expectations. If you’re a qualified candidate, your recruiter has every reason to develop a lasting relationship with you for future opportunities.

The last piece of advice I will offer is something you’ve surely heard before. Diversify your job search so that your recruiter is not the only resource you have working for you. You should be utilizing everything available to you including your personal network, job boards and even social networking too! The more feelers you put out, the more likely you are to uncover a new opportunity.