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woman using resume templates

When it comes to job searching, the consensus is that creating a new resume is one of the worst parts. But until Linkedin profiles replace resumes completely, you’ll need to depend on that puzzling piece of paper to help you land your new gig.

But why all this frustration about the resume? Sure, content is part of it. Knowing what to write and how best to write it is no easy task, especially when you know your resume is most likely to be read by a computer before any human eyes view it. However, it’s the actual formatting of the document itself that causes the most irritation. So, to take that burden off your shoulders, we’re sharing our top websites for resume templates that will help you focus less on formatting and more on the meatier things like content.


This resume template site will let you upload an existing resume or build one from scratch. You’re able to smoothly toggle back and forth between different formats without having to constantly save your changes. Therefore, there’s no risk of losing precious content. They even offer great tips on what to write. If you find yourself at loss, they even have samples you can modify and add directly into your document at the click of a button. Whenever possible, it’s best to use your own words in a perspective that’s completely your own, but this is a great place to get ideas and end up with a resume that is perfectly formatted and aesthetically pleasing as well.


Looking for a more creative resume template layout to match your creative skills? Hoping to show off a bit more of your personal style? Ehancv offers you a visually creative resume that gets to the heart of what you’re good, promoting your unique skills and talents while highlighting key achievements. This free version is best used for a high-level view of your most recent work history and functional traits you want to convey. For more customization and to remove the ehancv branding, you’ll need to upgrade to a pro user which is billed quarterly and will cost $14.99 a month – a small price to pay if you end up getting the standout resume you’ve always wanted.


Graphic Pup offers a wide variety of templates for free. Anything from resumes, cover letters and business cards, to invoices and brochures. Choices within each category may be limited, but for a creative resume, complete with charts and graphs to show off your skills, the options are worth a look. Furthermore, everything is customizable.


Dribbble is a great site where designers showcase their work. Many people looking to hire creative talent use it to find designers and even design teams. Luckily for us, many designers have showcased some of their skills in the form of resume design! Templates are available for download and range from totally free to about 12 dollars. Either way, these designs are sure to get you motivated to work on creating your best resume ever.

5. Microsoft Office Templates

Remember the days when Word offered templates and there was always one for a resume? Well Microsoft has come a long way with their resume templates and they are completely free and easily downloadable. The great thing about downloading a template is the control you have over the document. While uploading your old resume into a resume builder is quick and easy, many can be frustrating to work with. Here you just download your template and start making your edits within the document and save the changes. They even have corresponding cover letter designs so you can keep your personal branding consistent!

6. Google Image Search

By searching google image you’ll be able to visually see hundreds of resume templates, most of which are available for download. I’ve done this in the past myself with great success! Type in any variation of resume templates that comes to mind: resume template free download, resume template word, best resume download. Some may be easier to find and download than others, but you’re sure to access a greater variety this way and hopefully land on the one template that was meant just for you.