Goodbye Summer

While summer isn’t officially over until September 23rd, for most of us, this week marks the last days of the season. The office will return to its more consistent headcount and your mood is likely to become something other than what it is right now! But don’t fret. Just because we have to say goodbye to the season doesn’t mean we have to let go of the many things we love about it.

Take more weekend trips.

Summer comes with weekend getaways with friends and family. While the local beaches might not be a cold weather destination, nearby cities offer lots of great escapes and opportunities to explore hidden treasures. Plan a few road trips to visit friends or get a group together and explore neighboring cities.

Keep up your gym routine.

Don’t throw your summer exercise routine out the window once you’ve put your bathing suits in storage. It’s tempting and even liberating to give yourself a little break, especially when you’re going to be layering up for the next several months. However, exercise has benefits that go beyond making you feel better in a bikini. Endorphins, which stimulate positive feelings, are released when you exercise and can have a tremendous impact on your mood. Keep yourself from getting into the doldrums of the winter by keeping up with your routine!

Plan a standing happy hour with your best group of friends.

There’s nothing better than knowing exactly where to find your friends when you need them. So why not make a plan to meet for dinner or drinks at the same place and time each week. While not everyone will be able to make it each time, it’s still a great way to keep in touch and get yourself out. No more planning required!

Carve out time for yourself.

There are just as many hours in the day during the fall as there are in summer. So why do we seem to have so much more time on our hands in the summer? Sure the longer hours of daylight help, but things also move at a slower pace giving you the freedom to fit a lot of other things in. Be sure to make time for yourself whenever you can. A massage, a long walk, quiet time to read a book, those are often the things that seem beyond our grasp once summer ends. Giving yourself permission to take a time out will make you more relaxed and will help you carry that mindset with you throughout the rest of your day.