Time for a New Job

Now that fall is in full swing, most of us are back to our regular work routines. But not all of us are ready to accept the end of summer. Simply put, summer can serve as a welcome distraction from a dissatisfying career. When the weather gets cooler and the after-work activities die down, it can become harder to avoid the fact that it might be time to look for a new job.

Some job seekers state they are looking for a new job because they want higher compensation or don’t feel challenged in their current role. Others reference the ‘Sunday scaries‘ or a feeling of anxiety as each Monday approaches. Does any of this resonate with you?

There are several indicators that it may be time to look for a new job. But they are all rooted in the same core issue: feeling valued. When you’re not feeling valued in your role, that’s when you start taking note of indicators such as salary, boredom and a general sense of dread when it comes to all things work related.

Instead of immediately digging into these indicators, take a step back and ask yourself a bigger question:

Do I feel valued at work?

When you feel valued, you know the work you do matters and that it’s appreciated by your manager and the greater organization. While our salary shouldn’t impact our personal worth, we often make that association. When we’re unhappy at work, we see salary as a direct financial translation of our value. Ironically, we can believe we are fairly compensated but feel personally undervalued at the same time. This can result in a compensation-driven job search. However, making more money won’t fix the underlying issue: the very real, human need to feel valued at work.

A large part of feeling valued also comes from having opportunities to grow. I’m not just talking about the opportunity to take on more responsibility. I’m talking about opportunities to learn. Continual learning offers a real sense of personal progress. That progress can often make up for a less than ideal salary.

When you’re unsatisfied with your work, it’s time to do an honest, high-level check in with yourself. It’s important to understand what you really want out of your career before starting a new job search. Asking yourself if you feel valued (and understanding why) should always be the first step. When you keep value at the center of your search, it will lead you to the right answers.

However, if feeling undervalued in your current role is a pervasive feeling and one that isn’t going to change, it’s time to consider moving on. Sure, people stay the course for plenty of reasons, but you don’t want to end up living with regret. You have the power to take action. Believe in yourself and move on to a place where others do too!

What steps will you take this fall season when it comes to feeling valued at work?