It’s Thursday, and aside from just one small barrier keeping us from the weekend, it can mean a lot of different things.

In the nineties, Thursday meant Friends was going to be on television. In college, it meant Thirsty Thursdays. But these days, Thursday has taken on an entirely new meaning. One hash tag, and two small words have lead to a flashback social media revolution; Throwback Thursday.

In order to participate, you’ll only need two things:

1.)  A photo from the past

2.)  A Facebook or an Instagram account

Simply upload the photo (awkward family, high school prom, or the picture you know your sister leaves hidden under her childhood bed for fear of anyone seeing it, ever) post, and then type in the hash-tagged acronym, #TBT.

To keep this post creative/tech focused, I will spare you my side-pony, braces-donning, softball photo from the 4th grade, and instead present Atrium’s first ever Throwback Thursday, Website Addition:

Facebook circa 2005:


Google circa 1999:

Where’s your #TBT?