Over the course of time you have surely written, edited and rewritten your resume numerous times. While you may not think it’s rocket science, there is an art to resume writing. Our Atrium recruiters have offered up 5 quick tips to keep in mind as you take on the task of updating your professional portfolio.

1. K.I.S.S. – KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. Know your audience, recruiters and HR want a resume to tell your story quick and to the point, in a clean and easy to read resume.

2. Don’t include an objective, this only limits you!

3. SPELL CHECK!! And do it yourself. Don’t let a computer automatically change your grammar and structure.

4. If you are going to include Greek life on your resume, be clear about why you are highlighting it. Holding office in a nationally recognized fraternity or sorority can show leadership but not including your position or title can send the wrong impression.

5. Use the same formatting, i.e. don’t say March 2010 then say 4.1.2010, and whatever tense you are writing in, keep it consistent throughout.

Happy resume writing!

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Allie Basilica
Allie Basilica

Allie Basilica is the Director of Integrations at Atrium. She also has a passion for helping candidates navigate the social media space and uncover new ways for them to connect with potential employers and professional communities.