Job Interview Mistakes

Spring has sprung and the winter blues are melting away with the last bits of snow. Our steps are lighter, our moods are lifted and even Monday mornings seem just a little more pleasant. We also care a little less about the small things.

But you know who hasn’t stopped caring about the little things? The interviewer you’ll be meeting at your next job interview. It’s easier to throw your cares away, but don’t make careless mistakes that could negatively sway the way an interviewer sees you! While you probably know these tips, so do many of the people who forget them when they allow the warm-weather mentality to permeate their professional pursuits.

What You’ve Done to Prepare:

You’re well prepped on how to talk about your work history

You’ve done your research on the company and the interviewer

You’ve carefully thought about how to answer a multitude of interview questions

Don’t Make These Job Interview Mistakes