As a creative job seeker or freelancer, your work is unique and often specialized. Because of this, you can fully expect your interview questions to be specific too. We tapped our Creative Recruitment Team here at Atrium to gather the top interview questions for creatives. Based on job title, they’ve provided the most common questions hiring managers ask creative professionals.

Here are some of the top interview questions for creatives:

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UX Designer
What sort of products or services have you worked on?
Tell me about your eCommerce experience.
Any user research or usability testing experience?
In which verticals have you worked?
What have you used to wireframe or prototype?

Account Manager / Director
How much face time do you have with your clients?
What size accounts have you managed?
How much upselling success have you had?
How do you suppress scope-creep with your client?
How do you interface with your production team?

Digital Designer
Have you designed a full website or only parts of a website?
Are you fluent with the Adobe Creative Suite? Any other software?
Did you create / design all the pieces in your portfolio?
Are you a conceptual designer or an executer of someone else’s ideas?
Have you worked on mobile design for IOS or Android platforms?

Web Developer
What are your top 5 programming languages for semantic coding?
Do you consider yourself a front or back end developer?
Can you describe what infrastructures you have created and were they cross browser friendly for mobile / tablet integration?
Do you prefer to be in a corporate environment or on the agency side?
Can your coding be seen on Github or Dice?

Video Editor
What platform do you work on (Ex: Avid or Premiere)?
What other types of ancillary software do you use to complement your editing (Ex: After Effects, Photoshop or Cinema 4D)?
What level of motion graphic skills do you possess?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is this a jumping off point?
What genre of editing is your wheelhouse (Ex: Reality, Promo, Sizzle)?
Do you typically work alone or in the presence of a Producer?