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You have two choices when you’re at work. You can do what you were hired to do, or you can do more. It’s a simple concept that goes beyond well…going above and beyond in your job. The more you know and are capable of doing within your team, department and company, the more valuable you become. Summer is a great time to start asking for more responsibility. Colleagues and even managers are more willing to have you take on some of their duties while they’re on vacation or regularly enjoying summer Fridays.

Asking for More Responsibility in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Start by letting your manager know what you’re interested in learning more about.
2. Suggest that you’d love to pitch in more in these specific areas during the summer.
3. Ask about collaborating more on projects in those areas and offer to pick up some of the slack for coworkers while they are on vacation.
4. Finally, ask if there’s a special project that has been put on the back burner. Offer to get it started. Since it’s not an urgent priority, you won’t be on a tight deadline and you’ll be able to take the time you need to figure out what you don’t know!

Asking for more only comes with an upside. Your manager certainly won’t make you responsible for anything you’re not capable of managing. Whatever learning curve you may have should be more incremental than steep. Your manager will also gain insight into your desire to grow and your areas of interest. Hopefully this will be the beginning of an ongoing conversation about your career path within the organization. Growth may not fully materialize by the end of the summer but a good manager will acknowledge your desires and show you how they can help you get there.