Online Interview Tips

Coronavirus is here, and we are all adapting to business unusual

Has this pandemic disrupted your interviews? It could be the very reason you are seeking online interview tips for today’s job search. Either way, it’s important to understand you are not alone.

As a Talent Manager, my job is to match job seekers with roles to showcase their unique talents. While we are practicing social distancing, it may seem like your dream job is out of reach. But, that’s not necessarily true. Technology is literally at our fingertips! So if virtual communication etiquette is new to you, now is the time to learn.

Here are some online interview tips to help you with your job search:

1. Prepare:

First and foremost, be sure you treat your virtual interview just as seriously as you would an in-person interview. Make sure you have prepared thoroughly. Any corresponding notes should be placed out of camera view and accessed minimally. While you may have the luxury of keeping cue cards with you, it’s important they don’t distract you. You can use them as prompts but shouldn’t depend on them. It’s usually best to have 3-5 talking points and corresponding examples. To be fully prepared, rehearse until you are comfortable communicating all key points and examples fully during your interview.

2. Set the scene:

When it comes to online interview tips, effectively managing your environment is key. You are in control! So, take 10-15 minutes before the phone/video call to find a quiet, well-lit room with strong internet connection. It’s best to take video calls against a neutral background that’s not too distracting. Make sure any roommates or family members know when you are expecting an interview. Let them know you need a focused, professional environment. And, ask them to plan accordingly.

3. Energy:

For many, it can be difficult to communicate enthusiasm and energy over a virtual connection. One of my favorite online interview tips is to take your call standing up. You’ll feel and sound more alert. Whether your interview is online, over the phone or in-person, be sure to share your positive energy with a smile. Yep, it even conveys your excitement over the phone! Don’t be afraid to be direct. You should express your interest in the role and company throughout the call.

4. Non-verbal cues:

Without being able to read body language, having a communication plan is essential to a successful online interview. Make sure all of your responses have succinct conclusions. As much as you may want to fill the void of awkward silences, it’s equally as important to keep your conversation on track. Prepare to plan around potential distractions and sounds. Make strong eye contact and sit or stand with confident posture.

Virtual communication etiquette may seem complicated. But, connecting through a screen is possible with a little planning and extra focus.