Have a job interview for a scientific position coming up? We’ve formulated our top scientific interview questions to help you prepare.

Our Scientific Recruiters are experts at placing talent in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, personal care, pharmaceuticals, chemical and flavors and fragrances. Drawing from their experience working with candidates and hiring managers alike, they’ve compiled Atrium’s top interview questions by job title.

Atrium’s Top Scientific Interview Questions:

Keep in mind that interview questions will vary depending on which scientific field or industry you’re looking to work in. What won’t change from interview to interview, however, is the hiring manager’s expectation that you can illustrate your experience with specific examples. Additionally, you can bet they will ask the inevitable “Tell me about yourself” question. Regardless of the position, make sure you don’t overlook the basics when it comes to interviewing.

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Lab Technician
What technique / lab skills do you have experience utilizing?
Do you have hands-on experience using lab equipment / techniques?
Is your experience from school / research projects / industry?
What lab related software / database(s) have you used?
What type of documentation have you done in the lab?
What shift are you available to work? Are you open to rotating shifts?

Research Assistant
How many years of experience do you have conducting research?
Were you a supporting student or was this independent research?
Can you explain the equipment / lab techniques that you used?
Did you present your findings to a department / professor / company?
Have you published any of the findings from the research?
Have you worked in a clean room / aseptic environment?

Regulatory Affairs
Do you have experience with branded (NDA) or generic (ANDA)?
Have you been involved with full-lifecycle submissions?
Have you done labelling?
Were you a part of a department or was your experience in a QA division?
Do you have more pre-approval or post-approval experience?

Analytical Chemistry
What analytical equipment do you have experience with?
Have you worked on the equipment independently or with assistance?
Is your experience in R&D or is it in QC? Do you have a preference?
Do you prefer your current industry? Or are you looking to switch?
Were you involved in the analysis of your findings?

Formulation Chemist
What type of products have you forumlated?
Do you have experience formulating powder / emulsions / liquids, etc?
Is you experience in small or large molecule formations?
Have you been a part of product development / innovation?
What skills / technique did you utlize / learn in your last role?
Have you done compounding?