business woman not motivated

You may find your mind wandering elsewhere while at work. Consequently, maintaining your focus on given tasks and getting items checked off your list can be a challenge. When you start to feel yourself falling behind on your to-dos, it’s likely because your motivation is lacking. Your level of motivation has a direct correlation with your productivity, so a lack in motivation will result in…well, no results.

Here are 5 simple ways to stay motivated at work:

1. Recommit to Doing Your Best

Every so often it’s good to reevaluate your product. Be honest – are you truly producing the best results you can? Or are you only doing the bare minimum to “get by” just to mark something off your list? Remind yourself to complete each task with a dedication to excellence. Having pride in your achieved outcome goes a long way in keeping yourself motivated. The happier you are with your results, the more often you’ll want to see them!

2. Visualize Success

If your overall outlook on a certain project isn’t positive, you aren’t going to be motivated to get it done. Start by picturing how positive the experience will be once completed. If you first commit to doing your best and then start visualizing your success, you’ll be that much more excited to see the end result.

3. Ask for Feedback

Receiving feedback can be a great way to kick-start you into completing a task. By asking for feedback, you open the door to new ideas of how to achieve your goals or different ways to accomplish the project. In addition, for many, hearing the confidence others have in you to complete a task can act as the needed reassurance to ensure your ability to do so.

4. Time Block

Seeing that you have a “break” in the future might help you put your head down, focus and get to work. Sometimes the toughest part of getting motivated to start something is if you don’t know when to. Set yourself a certain time frame where you dedicate that period to focusing on a specific goal and don’t let any distractions get in the way.

5. Set Mini Deadlines on Your To Dos

Building off the strategy of time blocking, another option to help keep you moving is to make mini “deadlines” for each of your tasks. For example; if your blog is due Friday, make a mini deadline for you to finish your opener by end of day Monday. This gets the ball moving and puts you one step closer to completion.