Job Searching Female

Ah, summer. We all look forward to it so we can take our foot off the gas pedal and coast. But if you’re job searching, summer may be the best time of year to kick your efforts into high gear. Here’s why:

1. There’s less competition.

While everyone else is taking a break from job searching, you’ll have more of an opportunity to be seen! Less job seeker activity means less competition for any open jobs.

2. Managers have more time for informational interviews.

Schedules tend to be more flexible for all levels of employees. It’s a great time to ask for (and land) an informational meeting. Remember, the job market may be tight right now, but it’s also candidate driven. Even if a job isn’t open today, hiring managers are open to meeting candidates that could be a good fit in the future.

3. Contacts you’re networking with should be more receptive to meeting.

Don’t just focus on trying to get in front of managers. This is a great time of year to get networking. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to help.

4. Sunshine puts everyone in a better mood.

Summertime seems to help elevate everyone’s mood. As a result, people are likely to be more receptive to your requests for career advice over coffee. And who knows what that may lead to?

5. It’s a great time for a working audition.

Get creative with your extra time. You don’t have to commit to working with a company for weeks on end. Instead, offer to do a side project or come in on summer Fridays if you have them. Rather than heading out of town early or joining friends for a late lunch, offer to do a Friday afternoon internship of sorts. If you’re looking to transition into a new industry, this could be a great way to explore and better understand where you can add value in practical terms.

6. You’re probably in a better mood too.

Chances are you’re in a much better mood from all the added sunshine as well. When you’re in a better mood, you’re already in a different mindset. It may be a subtle shift, but everything seems better in the summer. That means your outlook, the way you carry yourself and your approach to your job searching efforts are all enhanced.

7. Your clothing will work to your advantage.

Most people feel more comfortable in summer clothing. It’s liberating to shed the restrictive layers and coats associated with winter interviews. You also can’t make a swift and effortless exit when you have to collect your coat and scarf under the watchful eye of the interviewer. Your summer interview clothing, and the way it makes you feel, will offer a sense of freedom and openness that will permeate into your interview.

8. It’s easier for accidental networking to take place.

Accidental networking can happen through random encounters with old friends, a loose personal introduction not intended for business, or even with a total stranger. Curious about a book you see someone reading? Wondering if the meal the person sitting next to you at a new cafe is worth ordering? Engaging with people in your daily environments and being inquisitive can easily lead to random conversations about work, sparking professional connections and valuable insights. Curious about what someone does for work? Ask. “I love your shoes, you have such nice style, I’m guessing you work in fashion?”

9. You have more flexibility.

One thing that always makes job searching hard is finding time to sneak out of the office. In the summer, everyone is generally more relaxed in the office and even your boss may be working from home more or taking longer lunches. With less eyes and demands on you, you’ll be able to fly under the radar and get more interviews in without raising any eyebrows.

10. It’s easier to sustain a long job search.

Job searching can take a long time, certainly longer than you’d like or have experienced before. It can be hard to stay motivated and sometimes even bring you down. Because of the increased feeling of well-being that comes along with summertime, a job search that isn’t yielding results right away won’t have the same emotional toll. You’re also less likely to isolate yourself in the summer. Having a great network of friends to keep your spirits up and to meet for walks outside, happy hours or other outdoor activities will serve as welcomed distractions.

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