Summer Goals

With all its breezy cheer and feel good vitamin D, summertime comes with a unique set of goals. While our focus may be on professional advancement the rest of the year, summer goals are great for self-reflection and improvement.

Here are 5 summer goals to achieve by the end of August!

1. Read More.

Even if it’s just one book. Who cares if it’s one you’d be ashamed to share with your literary friends. You don’t need to tell anyone what you’re reading! Escaping into another world can do wonders for your soul. If you don’t happen to have beach or pool time set aside, carve out some alone time where you can lose yourself in someone else’s story for a while. Need some suggestions?

2. Splurge on a Bathing Suit You Love.

It’s all too easy to spend a fair amount of time during the summer wishing your body were…different. Do yourself a favor. Stop denying yourself an expensive bathing suit just because you haven’t reached your ideal weight. Instead, honor the person you are today and enjoy every poolside moment you’re fortunate enough to have.

3. Stop Rushing.

We’re all busy. In the winter, the weather is a great excuse to walk even faster as we rush our way from point A to point B. Don’t be ruled by a clock. Of course don’t inconvenience others by being late, but let yourself wander. Walk to a further subway stop (or equivalent) on your way to work. Steal a few extra minutes to pet a dog, look at a flower or just savor the feeling of warmth on your skin.

4. Resist the Urge to be Overbooked.

Have you noticed that some of your friends and family have almost every weekend of the summer accounted for already? Saying no is hard, but you should leave room in your schedule to be spontaneous! Save a few weekends for impromptu day trips to nearby destinations or popup events and concerts.

5. Reconnect with Yourself.

There are so many obligations pulling us all in a multitude of directions. Often the things that bring us joy are rarely the things we’re obliged to do. Create space in your life to reconnect with what brings you joy and makes you “you” at the deepest level. Give yourself permission to step out of your routines and to do something for yourself.

Have any other goals you’d like to achieve this summer? Take the advice from this article and get ready to cross some things off your to do list!