Online Learning Platforms

Are you looking to make a career change? Maybe you’re just hoping to get better at your current job. Either way, continuous learning is important for career growth and job security.

In the technological age we live in, things are constantly evolving. According to LinkedIn Learning, “roughly 35 percent of core job skills will change by 2020.” However, not everyone has the time or financial resources to go back to school full-time. That’s where online learning platforms come in. This growing industry is changing the way we learn and upskill by fostering flexible, community-driven learning environments. Workforce certifications are on the rise and professionals are turning to online options to stay competitive.

Don’t leave your professional development on the back burner. Start challenging yourself today with these 3 online learning platforms for upskilling:

1. Coursera

If you’re looking for a more traditional education experience, consider Coursera. Coursera partners with top colleges and organizations to offer online courses, specializations (bundles of courses) and even university-recognized degrees. You can complete a course in as little as 4 – 6 weeks, starting at $29. Take a look at their catalog to get started.


Now part of Linkedin, is a tried-and-true option. They have been offering online courses for 20 years. If you’re looking to gain entirely new skillsets, their “Learning Paths” feature is the perfect guide. From 2-minute tutorials to 45-hour self-paced courses, has something for everyone. For a monthly or annual subscription fee, you’ll have unlimited access to courses taught by industry experts. Once you complete a course, you can easily add certificates directly to your LinkedIn.

3. General Assembly

Offering on campus and digital courses, General Assembly focuses on today’s most in-demand skills. Their innovative offerings change to meet the demands of the job market, so you can be sure their courses are relevant. Explore full-time and part-time options across five main categories: Business, Coding, Data, Design and Marketing. As a bonus, they also host workshops and events on the weekends so that working professionals can participate.

Professional development is critical to staying competitive in the job market. These 3 online learning platforms for upskilling offer flexible learning environments to help you shape your career and stand out as a professional.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a course today.