back to work

Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? It’s time to get real and get back to work. Maybe you returned from vacation travels weeks ago, but now’s the time to really get out of summer mode. There’s only one summer Friday left, so don’t wait until the long weekend is over to plan out what you want to accomplish in Q4. Do yourself a favor before post Labor Day reality blindsides you. Give yourself time to ease into work mode before the glow of summer totally dies away. Here are 5 tips to help you get ready to get back to work.

1. Get Your Zzzs In

Sleep is critical to your work performance and your mental clarity. Start getting back into a regular sleep pattern. If you’ve never been one to have a set sleep regimen, this is a great time to develop one. You’ll have more energy, be more alert and better prepared to kick some Q4 butt.

2. Don’t Crowd Your Calendar

Resist the urge to cram every last bit of summer into the coming week. While you may have to say no to an invitation here and there, you’ll thank yourself later. Think of how exhausted you get when you stretch yourself too thin, even socially. Feeling burned out from a packed social schedule certainly won’t have you feeling fresh and ready to tackle work the following week.

3. Give Thought To What’s Ahead

You’ve had your foot off the gas pedal, but it’s time to take yourself off cruise control. What’s the status of your major work priorities? What needs to happen to bring those projects to completion? You don’t have to map it all out. Just begin thinking in broad strokes. Once you do, you’ll be in a position to start strong in September by taking those larger strokes and breaking them down into smaller action items.

4. Get Personal

While giving your end of year work objectives a thought is needed, don’t neglect your personal goals. Make time to check in with yourself. Re-evaluate your personal trajectory and make a mental note of things you need to tweak or change.

5. Enjoy Yourself

You may have said no to some invitations, but doing so allows you to savor the ones you’ve accepted. Stay longer at one party, maximize your personal time with the family and friends you do have plans with, or just revel in some hard to get alone time. Either way, take in some deep breaths, enjoy the people around you and go slow so you don’t miss a single minute. Time is going to feel like it’s going much faster soon enough.