8 Most In-Demand Skills for 2019

The digital era is fully established and booming. So it’s not surprising that digital skills are the most in-demand. If you’re thinking about getting a new job this year or going back to school to learn something new, be informed. According to Linkedin, the below are some of the most in-demand hard skills for 2019. We’ve paired each skill with up-to-date salary information for some of the most common jobs in those categories so you can make the best decision about your future.

Compensation data listed for the jobs in each field below represent the U.S. national average annual base salary.

1. Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing in short is an infrastructure or platform as a service offered through the internet. Clients pay only for the services they use, which is highly scalable. Today, online platforms offer customizable solutions to solve just about every business challenge under the sun. As a result, there’s high demand for people skilled to create and maintain these services. Check out a few online Cloud Computing courses.

Jobs in this field –

Platform Engineer: $107,185/yr

Cloud Architect: $142,141/yr

2. Web Architecture/development and User Experience:

While a website’s visual appeal and functionality is essential, if people can’t easily navigate through the site, does it really matter? Frustration builds, leaving room for a more navigable site to take market share away. There’s still a high demand for web developers, but user experience skills are possibly the highest in demand. Find the right online platform to learn UX/UI with this comprehensive top 10 list!

Jobs in this field –

UX Designer: $90,697/yr

UI Designer: $80,540/yr

Web Developer: $75,487/yr

Full Stack Engineer: $115,960/yr

3. Mobile Application/Game Development:

Apps are where it’s at these days. If you’re capable of taking an App concept and turning it into a reality, the odds for success are in your favor. At the heart of any good app are the engineers and developers who have such specialized and in-demand talents. Learn to build a mobile app with these courses from Coursea.

Jobs in this field –

Mobile Engineer: $110,916/yr

Mobile Application Developer: $92,721/yr

4. Business Analysis:

This is a broad skill with many applications. In short, business analysts help define problems and work on finding solutions for their various business stakeholders.

Jobs in this field –

Business Intelligence Analyst: $80,154/yr

Forecast Analyst: $59,647/yr

5. Digital Marketing:

With so much noise on the internet, competition for views and engagement is fierce. Digital marketers are highly skilled in growing an audience and crafting messages that can capture attention as attention spans dwindle. Check out these online digital marketing courses that will surely help you enhance your skills.

Jobs in this field – 

Online Marketing Manager: $73,356/yr

Digital Marketing Specialist: $60,714/yr

SEO Analyst: $51,878/yr

SEM Manager: $84,172/yr

6. Analytical Reasoning:

This refers to the capability of finding patterns in either qualitative or quantitative data. Organizations require analytical reasoning for many facets of their business operations. Enhance your skills with this online analytical reasoning course that will take you from zero to expert in 1.5 hours.

Jobs in this field –

Business Analyst: $69,163/yr

Data Analyst: $67,377/yr

Statistician: $82,477/yr

7. Data Anything:

Just about every business is data driven today. Data is perhaps the the single most influential information to a business. How it’s managed, presented and visualized is of great importance. Check out these free online data science courses.

Jobs in this field – 

Software Engineer: $103,035/yr

Database Developer: $89,483/yr

Database Specialist: $60,500/yr

Database Administrator: $80,683/yr

Data Scientist: $117,345/yr

Graphic Designer: $48,591/yr

8. Quality Assurance and Software Testing:

Broken links and error messages can harm a company’s online image. Therefore, it’s imperative that a company’s site functions the way it’s supposed to so consumers can get the information they want and need. Add software testing skills to your resume with this free online course.

Jobs in this field – 

User Experience Engineer: $107,670/yr

Software Test Engineer: $79,431/yr

Satisfying the hard skills requirement is step one to being a good fit for an open role. Of course, getting a job isn’t just about the hard skills. Things like adaptability, creativity, emotional intelligence and collaboration are highly sought after soft skills. If you’re interviewing for a job, give some thought to how you’ll show a potential employer that you possess both the hard and soft skills required. In addition, you’ll want to practice answering behavioral-based interview questions. Why? Because that’s how interviewers try to assess a candidate. Make sure you know how to formulate your answers! Being well-prepared with specific examples highlighting your mastery of both hard and soft skills will be critical as you try to edge out your competition to land a coveted job offer.