Talent Community

What is a talent community at its core? From an industry professional’s perspective, it empowers talent acquisition specialists to create a network of interested candidates. Why should this matter to you – a job seeker? It affords you a unique perspective, providing you with valuable industry news and keeps you visible in your target industry.

Think of it like making an investment in your long-term career goals. Imagine you’re buying your first home. It would serve you well to learn about the market. You should also build relationships with experts on the subject matter and have access to an extensive listing database. You want options, and to be set up for success, so when the right time comes you can take the leap with confidence.

There is now a wealth of information at your disposal. It can be a little overwhelming, but you’ve taken steps in the right direction – it’s time to reap the benefits. Maybe you haven’t explored all the perks of your talent community yet, so here are some things you can start with…

Read articles relevant to your field/trade

The landscape of the job market is always evolving, now more than ever it is important to stay alert to industry trends. As noted in a recent article by Staffing Industry Analysts, more than one-third of the top 20 skills requested in postings for the average US jobs have changed since 2016. Endeavor to keep your skills fresh and continue to learn transferrable skills.

Take advantage of insider tips from experienced recruiters

Recruiters have built relationships with top industry leaders and professionals. You can benefit from that insider knowledge with a talent community, such as: resume building and editing tips. Learn to tailor your resume to your specific industry. Find out the most effective way to search for the best role for you. Learn about how to up your interview game and stand out by following up with a thoughtfully crafted thank you note.

Keep abreast of industry news and insights

This is especially important if you are making a career transition from one industry to another. The more you learn about a company’s long standing or evolving mission, the better equipped you will be to make a meaningful contribution.

Deep dive into the culture and initiatives of top leaders in the field

Learn about the prevalent culture in various companies on your desired list. Narrow it down to the ones that resonate with you the most. If what you want is longevity, consider if your personal values align with the company’s big picture. Since you will be affected by a company’s culture it’s good to know where they stand on initiatives that matter to you. Some examples are: mental/physical wellness, collaborative work environment, diversity and inclusion, professional development and work/life balance. 

Joining a talent community is a great foundation to developing and polishing your job-seeking skills.  If you haven’t joined one yet, what are you waiting for? A staffing firm’s talent community is a great place to start – allowing you access to hundreds of job opportunities and eager recruiters ready to help you along the way.